About Us

A Story of Innovation and Creation

We like to travel...for business, for pleasure, whatever. But we wanted to keep our phone bills down so we'd have more money to spend on cheesy souvenirs.

So we did what most people do, we bought local SIMS to use for 3g and national calls. In theory it was a great idea, street-smart and cost effective, but in practice it was clumsy, awkward, and confusing managing 2 iPhones to accommodate our different SIM cards.

The only solution at the time was to give up our beloved handset and trade it in for a dual-SIM phone. But when it came down to it, we just didn't have the heart to do it. Letting go of our beloved phone proved too much to bear. So in a desperate attempt to hang on to the familiar feel of the iPhone6in our palm we brainstormed a solution.

We then met with innovators across the globe... and worked together to make that solution a reality. And so, for us and for the world, we gave life to KRIMSTON.