Krimston Dual SIM FAQ


What is Krimston Dual Sim + PowerBank ?

What are Krimston Dual SIM's features?

Which GSM bands and networks does Krimston Dual Sim work on?

How do I switch between SIMs?

Can I use my air pods or other wireless Bluetooth devices?

Installing Krimston Dual SIM

How To Use - 3 Easy Steps


I am unable to receive an SMS code when I am trying to log in the Krimston app

When I try to pair the case with the iPhone, it says that the device is not compatible with the iPhone

I can’t see the device name under the pairing list in the Krimston app

I did pair the case with the iPhone but can’t call or send an SMS

My case is not charging my phone

I charged the case for 8 hours and I checked the status bar in the app, although the battery is full, it is still not charging

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